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Three Wick Spiced Cranberry Candle – 9 Ounce

Welcoming the Holiday Season to come…this candle is the ultimate celebratory scent. Very definitely cinnamon and spice with a jolt of fresh cranberry. Delicious! The three wick candle is poured into a heavy glass jar with a fitted lid. It holds nine ounces of natural soy wax but looks even larger because of the jar […]

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New and Cute!

Just a few of the new favors I’ve been working on. Keeping busy here at Good Neighbors Candle Co. What can we make for you??

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NEW! Devotional Candles!

Over the next few days I’ll list a variety of devotional/scripture candles. What is great is that you are basically building your own candle when you choose from my master list of fragrances and have the option of any color you like. The fragrance list looks like this: Amazingly Grace (Type) Apple Cinnamon Autumn Magic […]

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Winter Has Arrived

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania has been in the freezer this past week. Today, I think we get to be in the 20’s. Snow fell last evening. You know the kind that has diamonds shining in it? How gorgeous. A very light and dry snow. I guess that is probably an oxymoron….dry snow. All I know is […]

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Autumn is Coming….

I’m ready….are you?

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It is Not All About Candles

  This may seem like a crazy statement from “the candle lady”.  But, in reality I am more than a candlemaker.  I am a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a cousin, a niece and a friend.  I spend my days in activities that involve many people in my life.  I do chores, run […]


What? No More Citrus Infusion??????

When really good things happen from disappointments I just have to smile and be grateful.  As is always the case I design and make up my fundraiser flyers well in advance of the time when they are needed.  This allows time for printing and then stocking up on the supplies I will need.  You should […]

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