What? No More Citrus Infusion??????

When really good things happen from disappointments I just have to smile and be grateful.  As is always the case I design and make up my fundraiser flyers well in advance of the time when they are needed.  This allows time for printing and then stocking up on the supplies I will need.  You should see our garage during these times.  It gets very full….of jars, tins, mugs and more.  Anyway, I digress.  This past Spring I had the flyer made and was about halfway through the season when I ran out of the Citrus Infusion Fragrance Oil.  This is one that I purchase locally so I had no worries about just running out to my supplier and getting more.  However, my heart sunk when I looked on their web site and couldn’t find the oil listed.  What to do???

I decided to head on over there and do sniff tests on anything they had that might be remotely close.  Nothing was a winner.  I was bummed.  Several customers got a note with their order as I substituted Citrus Sage.  Granted it was citrus but not what I pictured as Citrus Infusion.

Next I checked out my favorite online supplier of fragrance oils and ordered several of their citrus scents.  Then came the “lab work”.  It turns out that Fresh Squeezed Orange and Mango Tangerine blended just so make a fabulous Citrus Infusion.  Now, it isn’t the same scent that I had originally.  It is better!  I love seeing eyes open wide and the smiles appear as people get a whiff.  In side to side comparisons the new Citrus Infusion has won every time!

So, I am no longer sad about the loss of that former oil.  Good things come to those who emerge from their panic and do something about it.

This single candle is available for just $20 plus shipping.

The last bowl in this design.

Any item here or in my Etsy Shop with the Citrus Infusion Scent is now this blend.


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One Comment

  1. sue anderson
    Posted May 25, 2012 at 12:58 pm | Permalink

    Sounds like a yummy aroma and I am going to have to try this.