Winter Has Arrived

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania has been in the freezer this past week. Today, I think we get to be in the 20’s. Snow fell last evening. You know the kind that has diamonds shining in it? How gorgeous. A very light and dry snow. I guess that is probably an oxymoron….dry snow.

All I know is that it motivates my doggy pals to hurry back inside after their necessaries are done.

I’ve been playing in the candle kitchen and the candle office.

Playing with new label designs on new WATERPROOF labels. Yay.

Now, I wouldn’t soak them and expect miracles…but a little splash from the sink isn’t going to leave them all messed up as my original labels were. It was a problem that drove me crazy. Funny how I found out that they didn’t have to be that way. My printer started acting up. I began shopping for a new one. Turns out that Epson ink is supposed to be waterproof. Therefore I decided that my next printer would be an Epson.

Uhhhh…..wait a minute. My current printer is an Epson. So I realized that there had to be more to the story. Turns out that it matters what paper you print on. I researched and discovered the right paper …and a great source for it.

To make things even better….I used to have issues with an occasional curling label. Some just didn’t want to stick. Not with these new guys. Man, they really stick. I’d better hope that I’ve gotten it lined up right because there is no going back. This is a very good thing.

So, all in all, the last month has been great! I’ve been redesigning all of my jar labels to make them uniform and original in photography. No clip art. Every new label features my photography.

I hope you’ll enjoy the fruits of my labors. The new look will be in retail shops and appearing in my Etsy shop very soon. I’ll also be in the process of changing them out here on the web site as quickly as I possibly can.

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