The Birth of a Website…..

The day that my friend, Nigel Andreola, contacted me with an idea was the beginning of a very worthwhile and special project.  Nigel suggested that he use Good Neighbors Candle Co. as the basis for his college project that would culminate in a fully functioning web site.  I would make any necessary purchases to make the site functional and Nigel would provide the knowledge and expertise to build it.  This meant spending an incredible number of hours in writing code, finding compatible programs,  putting it all together, teaching me how to use it,  adding plug-ins to meet my specifications for shipping options…. and more.  On a very cold day this past winter we took photos which he then used to make the fabulous front page header, complete with flickering candles.  So cool!  I couldn’t be happier…..

I’ll never forget one of the first times we worked on the project.  We had arranged a teleconference to work on the business plan.  It was a beautifully sunny day.    I had locked myself in my bedroom with my laptop and notebook.  The purpose of this particular workspace was to avoid interruptions in the form of our two little dogs.  They have a tendency to expect my attention at the most inconvenient times.  So, it was quite shocking when it turned out not to be the dogs who interrupted that day.  Instead it was our dozen or so chickens out in their coop.  They started whooping and screeching as I had never heard them do before.  Nigel and I were discussing my business plan when that started and I was about to stand up and take a peek out the window when all of a sudden I felt my bed move.  As if someone were underneath and had grabbed it shaking it once sharply.  I caught my breath before blurting out this question to Nigel. “Why did my bed just shake?”  To which he replied, “Hey! My monitor is moving!”.  Quickly we came to the realization that this must be an earthquake.  As the floor began moving I yelled into the phone that I was hanging up and I hung right up on Nigel.  My heart felt as if it were going to come right out of my chest.   Soon my three children joined me on the back deck and we waited to see what would come next.  Nothing did.  All was fine…but that is one memory that I’ll not soon forget as it relates to this project.

As time went on Nigel would turn in parts of the project and he continued to receive excellent grades.  Finally came the day that he had me come to his office to learn how to use the web site.  I was so impressed.  He did an excellent job!  Apparently his instructors thought so as well since they gave him a stellar grade.  It is with much gratitude and joy that I welcome you to Good Neighbors Candle Co. web site.

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