Becky Keeney, Master Candle Maker:

Good Neighbors Candle has been growing since 2005. For all of the years until now they have been made in a kitchen, either mine or my neighbor’s. This Summer we are building a workshop in our lower level to move into. This is going to be both different and wonderful as I am currently making candles on a nearly daily basis. My kitchen, dining room and living room have been taken over. But that is not how we began…..

Years ago my neighbor retired and began looking for something to occupy her days. Having observed her candle-making from time to time, I suggested that she might want to start a business. I offered to keep her books since I was a personal financial analyst. Making candles seemed a whole lot more fun than crunching numbers and it didn’t take long before I jumped into the creative side of things, too.

Together we learned all we could about gel wax and soy wax. Much research and practice went into making our first hundred candles. We learned about safety in working with gel wax. We tested wicks for length of burn time, their cleanliness, and other factors.

Working with Beverly was a ton of fun and she was a wonderful mentor to me. Eventually her husband’s health turned poorly and they moved into a retirement community. She is now a widow and we are still close friends.

I have completed homeschooling my children through high school. Consequently I have gobs of time on my hands to play with wax. On this website I share with you, the results of my handiwork.

Becky’s interests include:

  • Soy Candles (her passion)
  • Music
  • Gel Candles
  • Reading Good Books
  • Making Soup

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