4 ounce french lavender

French Lavender Soy Candle, 4 ounce, 12 Sided Jar, Hemp Wick


Product Description

A sampler size of an amazing fragrance.  While so many lavender scents come off harsh like soap, this one is gentle but has a wonderful scent throw.

The four ounce 12 sided jar with the gold lid makes a wonderful gift size for hostesses, teachers and that friend who you just want to let know that you were thinking about.  Around Christmas these fly out the door for stocking stuffers but you don’t want to wait for that.  This fragrance is perfect for Spring and Summer.

Candle maintenance is as easy as trimming the wick before you light it…every time…and keeping the candle out of drafty spaces.

You will be delighted by how neat and clean this candle burns.  Soy wax is so much cleaner than paraffin wax.  It also burns at least twice as long.


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Additional Information

Weight .431 lbs
Dimensions 2 x 3 x 2.5 in


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