Apple Pie 8 ounce fitted

Fresh Baked Apple Pie Soy Candle, 8 ounce


Beautifully light and bright soy candle. Soy burns longer and cleaner than traditional paraffin candles. The cotton wick needs less trimming as it turns over as it burns. An occasional trim doesn't hurt though.
Fresh out of the oven…apple pie! Yummy!

Product Description

You are going to confuse them with this one. They always check the oven to see what is baking when this is burning. Such a real, sweet scent.

This candle comes with a cotton wick perfectly sized to burn long and clean in this jar. Needs very little trimming but an occasional snip wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Heavy glass jar with fitted lid makes this a wonderful gift as well. So…one for you and one for them….it’s a perfect way to go.

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Additional Information

Weight 1.3 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 4 in


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